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ZSV Special Synthetic Resin Composite

Is a plastic-based thin-film composite material developed by Fürstlich Hohenzollernsche Werke Laucherthal GmbH & Co., which is applied to metallic substrates by special processes and heat-cured/ baked at temperatures of 180 – 210°C.

This composite material has been known in Germany and abroad for over 40 years under the name ZSV Special Synthetic Resin Composite and is processed in various material compositions for a wide range of applications. ZSV materials consist of various types of thermosetting synthetic resins modified with metallic, mineral or thermoplastic fillers and exhibiting properties of plastics and metals. The production program comprises seven material grades with different compositions of base resin matrix and fillers for a wide range of applications. Depending on the design, ZSV materials are applied by spray or fluidized bed sintering (dipping, flooding, screening). Even complicated internal or external contours can be coated perfectly in this way. With these options, parts can be coated inexpensively in both single-part and series production.

Depending on the coating process, the raw layer thickness is usually between 0.5 and 1.0 mm and, after hot curing, can be machined using all common metal-cutting techniques, with a final layer thickness of approx. 200 µm being the predominant target. For reprocessing purposes, the coating thickness can be increased to a maximum of 1.5 mm by the whirl sintering process. In the case of ZSV coatings produced by the spraying process, coating thicknesses from 30 µm are possible.

The outstanding technological properties of ZSV materials result from the synthetic resin systems used as matrix, the filler combinations, the hot curing process – to optimize resin/hardener crosslinking – and the thin-film design.

Almost all carrier body shapes in steel, bronze, non-ferrous metals and gray cast iron are suitable for coating with ZSV materials.

Coated parts that have become unusable due to dimensional errors or mechanical damage can be de-coated without affecting their dimensions and can thus be reused.

The main advantages are:

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