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Powder coatings

The importance of powder coating is increasing more and more. And not without reason!

It enables the user to apply a high-quality, protective and decorative coating to metal in an economically and technically advantageous way. Powder coatings are environmentally friendly because they are solvent-free, safe to process and also very economical. With powder coating, all quality coatings can be achieved by a cost-saving single-coat application. The multi-layer build-up required for quality coatings with wet paint is no longer necessary.

Work pieces up to 9 m long, 2.5 m wide, 2.8 m high and weighing up to 2000 kg each can be processed efficiently, as can small batches.

As a flexible, innovative coating company, we are at your side as a competent partner, from the pre-treatment of the work pieces to the finished coated product.

The main advantages are:

Coating technology specialist

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