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Sliding coatings

Guides of all kinds with ZSV sliding layers.

The ZSV coating technology with the two processes “spray and whirl sinter coating” and the material systems designed for this purpose, is excellently suited to coat all types of guides, such as:

  • Dovetail guides
  • flat track guides
  • profile guides
  • round guides

in such a way that machine tools, machining centers, etc. offer a qualitative and technical competitive advantage with regard to working accuracy and surface quality of the products produced and the feed rate.

This is not only due to more than 40 years of practical experience with the materials: ZSV – 111 l ZSV – 200 l ZSV – 216 as sliding layers for all friction conditions, but also the various material components, coating technology, hot curing and thin-film design. The combination of these factors results in the following properties:

ZSV coatings are used e.g. in:

  • pump housings and pump components
  • hydraulic systems (oil and water hydraulics)
  • water treatment plants
  • machine tools
  • Filling and sealing machines in the food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Optical equipment, paper machines, textile machines and in shipbuilding

Coating technology specialist

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