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Specialty Coatings

Xylan® fluoropolymer coatings and ZSV-54

Xylan® fluoropolymer coatings have unique properties. Xylan® differs from traditional fluoropolymer coatings in one important aspect:

ELECTROISOLATION, plus sliding wear protection, plus fretting corrosion protection, plus corrosion protection with the coating material ZSV – 111.

Together, these plastic alloys with unique material properties form the following advantages:

  1. low coefficient of friction: up to 0.02.
  2. very good abrasion resistance, even under extreme pressure.
  3. outstanding corrosion and chemical resistance to most influences.
  4. wide temperature range: can be used from -195°C to +285°C.
  5. flexible curing: can be cured from room temperature to 425°C, depending on the product.
  6. wide range of colors: e.g. for color coding of products.
  7. Pliability: Xylan® coatings withstand flexural fatigue loads without becoming brittle.
  8. machinability: most Xylan® coatings can be applied in multiple layers and then machined.
  9. excellent adhesion: adheres to many metals, non-metals, plastics, ceramics, wood and even to itself. (Robust industrial applications and food grade). (Robust industrial applications and suitable for food).
ZSV-54 consists of an epoxy resin solution filled with 80% ceramic particles. In ZSV-54, submicron ceramic particles are bonded to a resin system, thus forming an encapsulated ceramic layer in which each ceramic particle is surrounded by resin and firmly bonded in the cured film.
The advantages of ZSV-54 are:
  1. high corrosion resistance
  2. high abrasion resistance
  3. excellent adhesion and absolute impermeability to liquids and gases.

The material also has good electrical insulation and sliding properties similar to PTFE.

ZSV-54 offers chemical resistance to virtually all alkalis and acids in the pH range 4-11 under ambient temperature conditions.

The main advantages are:

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