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For over 40 years, the thin-film composite plastic “ZSV – 111” has proven itself in many ways as a powder coating material for metallic substrates.

Electrical insulation, plus sliding wear protection, plus fretting corrosion protection, plus corrosion protection with the coating material ZSV – 111.

Its multifunctional application capability with a coating thickness of 200 – 300 µm:

In electrical engineering, the items electrical insulation up to 2.5 KV and sliding wear protection for liquid to mixed friction often come together, while the items fretting corrosion protection for vibrations and corrosion protection for a variety of critical media are less important there.
With ZSV – 111, however, an optimum problem solution is possible for all requirements.
The coating can be applied internally or externally and up to a max. layer thickness of 1 mm and can then be machined using all common machining techniques.

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